A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In this game you will play as a pug (which is already awesome) that just escaped from the mad scientist's lab. 

He was trying to develop a special accessory (collar) that could make him teleport through space! He used you to test it's new invention, but, unfortunately for him, he forgot to close the door. 

And now you're a teleporting pug (which sounds even more awesome!) that needs to scape the mad scientist's lab!

Will you be able to get through ?


Note: This is the first game a friend of mine and I made. It's really simple, but we hope you enjoy it. We are currently working on a new game.

Install instructions

Just open the .rar and run the .exe file. 



Pug Adventures - The Space Traveler.rar 15 MB


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I like the teleportation mechanic. Really interested in what you're working on now. :)